Lelo Alia Vibrator

Lelo Alia Vibrator

Lelo Alia Vibrator

The Lelo Alia is a compact little vibrator that’s quite obviously menat to be used externally. It’s part of the insignia range and therefore sports a silicone outer section and the distinctive polished-gold finish of all the other toys in the Lelo Insignia Range.

It’s quite nice to hold and has lots of nice functions for you to play with so you can select one that hits the spot for you.

I can’t say this is a vibe that I play with every day but like all my other Lelo sex toys it is packed away safely. A lot of the other toys that have passed through my hands have been consigned to the bin, well in my line of work if I didn’t I would have rooms full of the things, and frankly many don’t deserve the storage space.

This is why the Lelo Alia like all my Lelo products earn storage space in my house.


Lelo Sensua Suede Whip

Sensua Suede Whip

Sensua Suede Whip

This is one of my favourite Lelo products. It could have been made by anyone but I have number of whips and floggers and only Lelo could make this one so nice to use and lovely to feel when someone uses it on you. It feels like real quality from the moment you open the signature Lelo black box and peel back the wrapping of gorgeous paper that covers the whip inside.

And the smell! The smell of suede if gorgeous and even after over two years still lingers and excites me every time we use this sex toy.

Granted it’s not your typical Lelo toy as they are mainly things that buzz and do wonderful things to your sensitive bits but that makes no difference I still love this Lelo whip. It makes you feel caressed and even when used hard on your skin doesn’t really hurt. A really loving BDSM sex toy rather than a cruel one.

Here’s what I thought when I first got this whip and it just keeps getting better.


Lelo Soraya Vibrator

Lelo Soraya Rabbit Vibrator

Lelo Soraya Rabbit Vibrator

The Lelo Soraya Vibrator is part of the Insignia range of sex toys from the Scandanavian masters of sex toys Lelo. It really stood out when it first arrived though has had some imitators and a few detractors, though most models look and feel great to use.

All of the insignia range of vibes that I’ve tried have been rechargeable and waterproof so they are practical and fun. They come in bright, fun colours too, not bright and gaudy like you’d find from some manufacturers.

Of course Lelo sex toys don’t come cheap so be prepared to cough up plenty of the folding stuff if you want to own one.

There’s plenty more information on the Lelo Soraya vibrator here.




Lelo Christmas Siri and Intima Silk Blindfold

Lelo Siri and Intima Blindfold

Lelo Siri and Intima Blindfold

I’ve always felt there’s somethign luxurious about the products that come out of the lovely people at Lelo so when they produced this gorgeous piece of Christmas lovliness I was overjoyed to try it out.

If you’re into really hard bondage then a silk blindfold isn’t going to do it for you but if teasing and pleasing your lover or having your lover teas and pleas you is more your style then I think you’ll agree this really fits the bill.

There’s a full description of this festive fun sex toy kit over here.

Lel Nea Vibrator Review

Lelo Nea

Lelo Nea

The Lelo Nea is one of the smallest sex toys you can buy but it packs a mighty punch. It’s rechargeable too avoiding fiddly battery changes.

The Lelo Nea Vibrator comes in black and white finished to a  high polish and printed with a delicate feminine flower pattern.

The Lelo Nea’s small sizes belies a wide range of vibrating patterns and an intensity that larger toys from other, lower quality, manufacturers often fail to match.

All in all a great little sex toy, but what would you expect from Lelo?

You can read the full Lelo Nea Vibrator Review here.

Lelo Siri

Lelo have begun to send out a new sex toy to distributors. It’s called the Siri and sits in the middle of their Nea, Lilly style of clitoral stimulators.

Constructed from ABS plastic and silicone it features the new style Lelo controls and a very powerful vibrating engine.

More news on the new Siri when it is officially launched.

Lelo Iris Vibrator

Lelo Iris

Lelo Iris

Lelo Iris Vibrator

A sex toy review of the Lelo range would not be complete without discussing possibly their most famous sex toy – The Iris Lelo Vibrator.

Until you’ve actually held one the Lelo can look a bit ineffectual. However it’s just big enough to satisfy and powerful enough to blow your socks of. It’s been around for several years but don’t let that put you off. This sex toy is a great design and puts most new designs of sex toys from other manufacturers to shame.

For more information read this Lelo Iris Review.

Lelo Liv Vibrator Review

Lelo Liv Vibrator

Lelo Liv Vibrator

If you turn your back these reviews multiply LOL. There’s not just one but two reviews of the Lelo Liv Vibrator over at Sex Toys Buzz.


This one is written from the woman’s point of view. The Liv is slim, but powerful so it’s a nice girly vibrator.

This on the other hand is written from the guy’s perspective and is there for about using the Lelo Liv for anal stimulation.

Go over and have a look. After all you only Liv twice. Couldn’t resist :o)

Bo-licious The Lelo Bo Cock Ring

Most manufacturers see a cock ring as a low-end product that requires little thought or ingenuity to design and even less care to produce.

Lelo don’t agree with that philosophy so the Lelo Bo Cock Ring is simple, elegant, and rechargeable too.

If only all sex toys were produced with such care.

If you want to know more about this sex toy you should read Alex’s Lelo Bo Review.