Lelo Personal Moisturiser/Lubricant

Lelo Personal Moisturiser

Lelo Personal Moisturiser

Like all Lelo products this one doesn’t come cheap but it’s free from all the things that your most intimate areas might react badly to. Not all users will suffer from a sensitivity to the chemicals in lube but some people don’t react well to glycerine and there is concern from some users of sexual lubricants about parabens. Well this Lelo lube does not contain glycerine or parabens so that’s two less things to worry about.

It’s also fragrance-free and flavour free, something that can irritate some users. Sounds like they didn;t put a lot in to the lubes doesn’t it LOL

Well they did, they put a whole lot of stuff into this lubricant – time, though and testing and what came out was a really good “moisturiser” and sexual lubricant.