Lelo Mia Review


Lelo Mia

Lelo Mia

The Lelo Mia vibrator continues Lelo’s tradition of bringing discrete, powerful and very high quality personal massagers to market.


It looks like a lipstick and so can be hidden in the recesses of your handbag without fear of embarrassment should it fall out unexpectedly.

It’s a simple device and so very, very effective …

“When I first saw the Lelo Mia vibrator and read up on it became apparent it must have been created for use by sex bloggers. After all why else would you want to be able to charge your sex toy up via your pc’s USB port and what could be more useful!

Nice Sex Toys suggested that I try the Mia as I’m a naughty sex blogger. And I was more than willing to give the Mia a roadtest. OK, so any PC user can use this vibe, it simply draws power to charge the battery from the USB port, but we bloggers are the naughtiest PC users out there.”

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